Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Few Little Changes = A Lot of Work

A couple of weeks ago, Janae started talking about how much she wanted to have her own room.  I told her about some things I wanted but couldn't have.  Then she started talking about how much she needed her own room.  I came up with a couple of ideas about how she and Alaina could make their sides of the room more separate.  Then Janae came up with a plan to move all the rooms around so nobody would have to share:
Ben could have Janae and Alaina's room
Alaina could have Ben's room
Janae could have the Lego room.
It sounded so logical . . . and why not?
The girls had Thursday and Friday off of school, so we'd have the time.  I had a bad cold/sore throat/headache, but the kids were so excited about the "move"--they would do all the work.
And so it began.
First we cleared out the Lego room and set it up for Janae.  We had to take her bed apart to fit it in, and move the very heavy wardrobe.  Janae had to get rid of A LOT of stuff, since her old room was much larger.  But she was happy with the change.
Next, we cleared out Ben's room.  Ben had A LOT of stuff under his bed, but we finally managed to pick it all up . . . and move all of Alaina's things in (we had to take her bed apart, too).
The girls are still pretty close together, but they each have their own space--so exactly what they wanted.
And then the nightmare really began--clearing out Janae and Alaina's room.  The biggest problem here was that the girls had already moved on to setting up their new rooms . . . I had to keep calling them back over to pick up everything they'd left behind.
Eventually we had enough room to move Ben's things in.

And with all that space, he got the bookshelves from the dismantled "library" as well. 

Even though the kids were off school, Jason--of course--was working all day Thursday and Friday, and also had school Thursday evening, so he missed all the "fun" of moving this big, heavy furniture.
We missed violin lessons on Thursday and Friday afternoons because I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THEM (they did not even cross my mind), Ben took Thursday afternoon off of schoolwork and had to do it on Saturday.  I shed a few tears of frustration and raised my voice a few times. 
BUT, it is pretty much done--and everyone is happy with the changes, at least for now.
And the local thrift store ended up with at least 15 bags of pretty good stuff to sell :)


Anita said...

CRAZY!! I can't believe you had so much stuff to give away--holy cow! It does look great though...I wonder if the girls will miss having the huge room? Ben sure lucked out in the deal, that's for sure!! Can't wait to see it in person.