Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Seven on the First Day of School

Being born September 6, Alaina was bound to have her birthday on the first day of school sooner or later....
Yesterday was the first--but probably not the last--time it happened!
Since Alaina wanted to go to the zoo for her special day, we had to do that ahead of time.  The zoo has always been one of her favorite places.  We had a family pass when she was two and three (we went all the time when the other kids were at school!) but we hadn't been back since then. 
So, on Saturday we got a new membership and spent the day there.  Alaina especially wanted to see the giraffes, and we were able to do that.
We also got a great view of the lions this time, and Shadow the bear was out, too.  It was one of the best days for animal viewing we'd ever had at the zoo!

Eric, though, had only one thing on his mind: the train.  Our turn to ride finally came at 12:30.
Of course, no trip to the zoo would be complete for Alaina without a visit to the gift shop!  She used her own money this time, though, to buy a little Siberian tiger Beenie Baby.
Then yesterday the festivities continued with Alaina off to school carrying her new backpack and indoor shoes :)
I was happy to hear her teacher say, "Here's the birthday girl!"  Even though it was the first day, she had a card and gift ready for Alaina, making her feel remembered and special. 
She enjoyed being in Grade 2, and we had a giraffe balloon for her waiting in the car afterwards.
When we got home, Grandma and Grandpa came over to help with Alaina's birthday dinner request: TURKEY with all the trimmings.  On the first day of school!  But with lots of help we made it happen.  Grandma and Grandpa also gave Alaina a set of several pairs of earrings . . . since she'd got her ears pierced last month as an early birthday present.  (She also got her American Girl doll's ears pierced as part of her gift!)
Jason called home and told Alaina to listen to the radio--he had called the local country music station and dedicated a song to Alaina called "My Daughter's Father."  Alaina had a big smile on her face when she heard Jason on the radio, telling them it was her birthday and wishing her a happy day.
Alaina's friend from school came by with a card and gift, then Auntie Tina and her family came over with more gifts to help us celebrate.
Even though we had to get to bed early for the SECOND day of school, it was a fun day of celebrating our special girl who we love so much.  Hopefully it will be the start of a great year for Alaina!