Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Plain View

I am testing the theory that the best place to hide something is in plain view :). 

Alaina caught wind that I'd already done some Christmas shopping and has been searching in the closets.  Little does she know that the plain old brown box on top of the washing machine is my new hiding spot.....

I honestly don't think she would ever look there!

Eric's First Flu

On Saturday, October 25, Eric came down with his first stomach flu.  He woke up feeling fine, had lunch, then started throwing up.  He couldn't keep anything down the rest of the day or night and was fading in and out of sleep.

At about 2 a.m., while I was looking in our health guide book once again to see if I'd missed anything, I realized that while I'd been reading in a section about vomiting in babies, there was another section about severe vomiting that better described what Eric had been experiencing.  It also said that after 4 hours of this a baby Eric's age should be seen by a doctor.

Eric had been sick for closer to 14 hours, so I decided to take him to the hospital.

The nurse in emergency told me about a "miracle" anti-nausea medicine that we could give Eric and have him cured within 15 minutes.

But four hours after having the medicine Eric was still not able to keep any fluids down.  He was looking more and more dehydrated with dry lips and a sunken soft spot.

The pediatrician came in and suggested we hook Eric up to an IV and admit him to the hospital.  It was so sad to see Eric's little hand threaded with a needle and hooked up to a drip.

The next two days Eric spent most of his time sleeping in a hospital room. 

He woke up screaming if I tried to put him into the clunky metal hospital bed, but he was content to lie on the cot they'd given me to sleep on, or to be held.  Whenever Eric tried nursing or taking the electrolyte solution he would throw up again, and we'd be back to waiting an hour and then trying once more.

Finally on Tuesday night our little guy wanted to drink again, and he was able to keep his milk down.  He started acting much more like himself--showing interest in the toys that had been brought in and trying to walk around with his IV pole attached.

The doctor had us stay another night, just to be sure everything was okay.  It was harder to keep Eric's IV in after he started feeling better--nurses had to re-set it twice because he'd pulled it partially out. 
One of these times IV fluid was dripping out one end and his blood out the other.  I looked down and saw blood flowing up the tube where I'd previously only seen clear fluid flowing down--I panicked and called the nurse, then started heading out of our room to go down the hall . . . with blood dripping all over the floor after us!  Luckily the nurse met us and fixed everything.

Wednesday morning we were discharged--Eric and I were both happy to be home!  Eric had a little round Superman Band-Aid where his IV had been ... I saw him sitting quietly and looking at it a few times and wondered if he was contemplating all that had happened--then realized that babies really only live in the present and he was probably just marvelling that he finally had his own sticker, rather than just one from Janae's collection :)
After a few days, Eric was back to all his favorite activities:



picking up his big brother and sisters from school,
walking around the lake,
composing (okay--he is not actually composing, just banging on the piano keys, but you get the picture!).

He is back to being our little guy who is always up to something--and we couldn't be happier :)