Monday, December 21, 2009

You Can Dress Them Up . . .

You can dress them up (especially when they have a Grandma who sews such beautiful dresses!) . . .


. . . but you can't get them to look at the camera . . .


. . . or at least not while smiling :)


I sure love them, though!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Victorian Literature Review

A few weeks ago while reading the newspaper (in the 5 or so minutes that I get to do such things) I noticed that an "Olde Dickens Christmas Tea" would be taking place today at a Heritage House in our area. I told Jason that I really wanted to go, and he said that I could if I got all of my chores done first :)

So . . . we took the kids over and met the Cratchits, as well as Scrooge's parlor maid,


Tiny Tim (who let the kids play with his 19th-century style toys),


Mr. Scrooge himself (the reformed Scrooge who had already seen the ghosts and decided to embrace Christmas),


and a Victorian Father Christmas (Alaina was pretty stunned but not at all upset as he talked and sang to her).


We also saw the Ghost of Christmas Past on our second time through (this was the highlight for Benjamin).

I loved the whole experience! The actors were great and stayed in character as they interacted with the children, etc. Afterwards we had hot chocolate and cookies.

Another small step in furthering my children's interest in Victorian literature (I hope). . . .

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Benjamin (and Janae's) Kindergarten Christmas Concert

Tonight we went to Benjamin's Christmas concert, held at the original "old schoolhouse" on the grounds of his elementary school.


We'd heard Ben practicing all the songs at home, but it was so fun to see him singing with his class. As usual, he sang out--as did Janae, from her seat :)

After the 15-minute concert, several of the children lined up to have their pictures taken with Benjamin's teacher (it reminded me of the line-ups to see Santa, and it was obvious that the children adore her just as much as they do Santa as well).

Janae, who always wants to talk to Ben's teacher before and after school, was eager to join in the fun--so now she's got a picture with her future kindergarten teacher, too :) Luckily Ben doesn't mind having a sister who is so involved!


What nice little school children we have!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Will Work for Toilet Paper


You know your business has hit a low point when your customers start paying you in toilet paper. This actually happened to Jason yesterday.

He did some work for one of our neighbors, and as payment, the neighbor gave Jason two jumbo packs of Charmin.


You're probably thinking that this may be a step up for Jason, who sometimes works for free or even pays people to let him clean up their yards, but I thought it was a bit odd.

It actually reminded me of a time when a professor at BYU tried to pay me for editing his long and very poorly written paper with a stick of gum--I refused the payment, thinking I'd rather work for nothing than for gum (how insulting!).

Of course, we can always use toilet paper.

I'm just not sure how to enter it in the accounting books. . . .