Saturday, February 25, 2017

Peaches' Adventures with Janae

We all know that Janae is crafty,
(The day I showed her how to use the sewing machine she started a pillow factory.)
(She even made a violin out of a box and a few elastic bands!)
and that she loves cats, especially our cat Peaches.

(She also likes to experiment with flowers in Peaches' fur.)
But maybe some are not aware of the extents to which Janae has gone to involve Peaches in her life and hobbies. 
For example, Janae likes to play the piano for Peaches, and even sits on a hard chair so her kitty can be more comfortable on the bench as she listens.
In recent months, though, Janae has taken Peaches' music appreciation lessons a step further by actually teaching her how to play.
She started with the basics but quickly moved on to "Hot Cross Buns," which Peaches is now forced . . . ahem . . . I mean encouraged to practice regularly.
Janae says things like, "You're so awesome at piano," "You can do this!" and "No back leg" as Peaches tries to find the right keys.

I think "Heart and Soul" might be next on the curriculum.

I'm not sure if Peaches will ever become quite as advanced as Janae, but she is well on her way. 

Speaking of being on her way, Janae has recently been concerned that Peaches needs more exercise.  Through a series of negotiations, I was "convinced" that Janae needed a harness and leash for her cat--the only problem was that I said Janae had to wait until her birthday to get it. 
Yesterday, though, Janae found another way to take Peaches with her to the park: she put her in a backpack with her furry little face sticking out.

Peaches didn't complain at all and actually seemed to enjoy the ride, although she was a little uncomfortable at the park.  I guess that will change with the many more walks to the park sure to come, especially after she gets her harness and leash in a week or so.

I don't know who owned Peaches for the nine years she lived before coming to our home, but I'm pretty sure she is having adventures like never before under Janae's care. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Family Day + Valentine's Day = Love

A few years ago our province adopted a new holiday called Family Day.  While this is definitely a "made up" holiday and sounds kind of cheesy, it really is great to have a day off of work and school with nothing else going on than spending time with your family.
This year, though, we'd just had a week of "family days" when we were snowed in and couldn't really get away from each other even if we wanted to.
So, what were we going to do for Family Day?
Well, Jason came up with the idea to visit a semi-local national historical site--The Gulf of Georgia Cannery--since Parks Canada is offering free admission to all of its sites this year to celebrate the country's 150th birthday.
The only problem was, this didn't sound very exciting to any of us except Jason.  Finally, he talked me into it, though, and we just told the kids we were going for "a drive."
But when we got there, we found lots of interesting things to see and do.
Eric wasn't crazy about the educational tour, but he LOVED all the interactive, hands-on areas where he could play.
There was a fish canning assembly line . . . I thought of Mom canning all of Dad's fish! :)
And also places to garden,
and bake. 
 It's amazing how much fun kids can have pretending to do everyday things!
And all of these spots had posters I could read to learn about the history of the cannery, as well as women's efforts during WW II, which I found very interesting.  (Jason, of course, was on the tour!)
So, in the end we all had a good time.
And then the next day was Valentine's Day!
Janae and Alaina could wear red, white, and pink to school instead of their uniforms, and you can be sure there wasn't a trace of navy blue or anything resembling a polo shirt, at least on Alaina :)
We also put some last-minute heart braids in Alaina's hair . . . which miraculously lasted all day!

Speaking of miracles, Eric was astounded when his grilled cheese sandwich came out heart-shaped (Ben is getting harder to impress, though!),
and he had fun helping me break the five eggs required for our chocolate lava cake dessert (with only one lost in the process).
The Hello Kitty apron was entirely his idea!
We had our traditional heart-shaped pizzas for dinner--which Alaina said was the thing she looked forward to the most on Valentine's Day :) 

Then we had the lava cakes--Jason bought my favorite ice cream to go with them, and Janae served them all on fancy plates! 

Two days of family and love = two happy days!  It's a good combination.

Monday, February 6, 2017

More Snow? We'll Take It!

I know I've been talking a lot about snow lately, but it really is big news when we have THIS much snow!
After our weather had warmed up and we were thinking winter had passed, snow started falling again on Friday.  At first it was a few inches--which was surprising enough.  I took Eric for a ride around the neighborhood on the sled right away, thinking it would melt by the end of the day.
But then it kept falling all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. 
Janae in up to her knees!

Church was cancelled (which NEVER happens!), and then school was cancelled for today, and now for tomorrow as well. 

Of course, this has meant lots of fun for all of us . . . with time to build snow caves,

get buried in snow,
slide down hills,
and even get Peaches in on the action (very reluctantly on her part--but Janae has enough enthusiasm for both of them).
At one point yesterday all of Eric's gloves were wet, but he wanted to go back out in the snow.  I found a pair of Alaina's old mittens that would fit him, but since they were pink with hearts on them I thought Eric would refuse (he is really into telling me what is for girls and what is for boys now that he's three).
But when I showed them to him, he was so happy to put them on because "hearts are for love" and they used to be "Naina's."  It was enough to make me wish once again that he didn't have to grow up.

And of course there has been lots of time for hot chocolate, baking, reading together (Alaina's goal is to read at least an hour every day during February),

and no trouble falling asleep at night.

I have to admit, I'm pretty happy to have a few snowy days in February!