Monday, November 5, 2012

Ben's Egg Dropped . . . But Did It Break?

This morning when I took Ben and Janae to school, we noticed that the kids from Ben's class were carrying their egg structures.  About a month ago they'd been assigned this project--one that is well-known to the grade 3s at our school--to make a structure that would keep an egg from cracking when dropped from the (very high) school roof.

Ben came home and worked on his right away.  He had it almost finished, then kind of put it aside and didn't think much about it.

Thinking the project was due tomorrow (Tuesday), I asked Ben yesterday (Sunday) if he wanted to test his structure.  We dropped it from a chair in the kitchen, and the egg broke.  Ben padded the egg a little more (a new egg, of course!) and added a few more balloons to the bottom.  Then he dropped it again, and the egg survived.

When we realized the eggs would be dropped today, I raced home to grab Ben's creation.  An egg from home had to be inside, so I wrapped one in some Kleenexes, put it in, and used an elastic band to close the lid (Ben and I hadn't discussed how we would secure the structure so the egg wouldn't simply fall out on the way down).

On the way up the steps to the school, I realized I could still see the egg through the top of the clear plastic container--it wasn't very well padded at all.  But I had tied the elastic band around the lid and knew if I tampered with it I would have no way to close the structure securely.

So, I dropped it off at the office and hoped for the best. 

Anybody else ever prayed for an egg?

We were at the school for lunch, then stayed for the drop.  The principal stood on top of the school and let each structure fall.

Before the drop:

During the drop:

After the drop:

Yes, that is an UNBROKEN EGG, a HAPPY Ben, and a very GRATEFUL mother (behind the camera)!