Friday, March 13, 2015

Olympic Medalists

Earning an Olympic medal is quite an achievement, and I'm happy to say that BOTH of our girls were Olympic medalists this year . . .
Okay, it is the READING Olympics, but since I like books better than sports I could not be more proud :)
This was Alaina's first year competing, and I was not at all surprised to hear she'd won gold in her class for reading the most minutes during February (over 1500).  I'm sure she could have read double that if we hadn't insisted on her going to bed at night!
Janae got silver in her class--for the second year in a row!
Both girls got gift certificates to spend at their school's book fair. 

Jason was thrilled about this, since we have so few books at home--which is especially apparent as we prepare to move :)

But I am just so happy that my kids ALL love reading and books!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Home Is Where ...

Since we will be moving in a couple of weeks, I've been thinking about all the good times we have had here in our home of the past three and a half years--
This home is where our kids have played in the yard,
and learned to ride their bikes.
It's where we've brought our baby home
and where his little feet first touched the grass--
also where he had his first swim, run through the sprinkler, jump on the trampoline,
and many other firsts!
This neighborhood is where we delivered newspapers,
and walked (and even sledded!) to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Our home is where our kids have learned to bake cookies, read,
and clean up :)
It's where Eric has learned to smile, roll, sit, crawl and walk.
It's where the tooth fairy has come,
Santa has visited and Lego structures have been created.
It's where we've waited for Daddy to pull up in his truck after work.
Our home is where heart-shaped pizzas have been eaten
and birthday candles have been blown out.
We even have a little hamster buried in the backyard.
This house has really become our home and it will be hard to leave!