Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Laina Turned Four!

It's hard to believe it was FOUR years ago that Alaina was born into our family!  She arrived the day before Labor Day, two days before her big brother Ben started kindergarten.  And--as anyone who knows her could tell you--she has been adding love and happiness to our family ever since.
This year Alaina wanted to celebrate her birthday with a Rapunzel-themed party, so for the past few weeks we have been working on making long braids of hair and floating lanterns . . .
not to mention figuring out how to make a cake with an eatable tower for Rapunzel to stand beside.  Somehow we made it happen :)
Alaina also asked to celebrate with her cousins and grandparents, so we got the big group together!
 Our little four-year-old got LOTS of wonderful gifts--the movie Tangled, Polly Pockets and accessories (including a car!), some new clothes, books, and art supplies, and a very fluffy Princess kitty cat. 

She was a happy birthday girl!
She and her cousins played outside until dark, and had a great time together.
And as for all that braided hair that took SO many hours to create . . . 


I have a feeling it will continue to bring hours of fun for our two girls, now that they are finally allowed to play with it :)
Now that Alaina is four, she will be on to bigger things, including her new ballet class, and also preschool twice a week.

Alaina has been looking forward to turning four for quite some time, and I don't think she's been disappointed :)  We are so happy she's our girl!