Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Play Your Guitar with Eric

Eric is at that age where when he loves something he REALLY loves it.  And right now there are at least two things--not unrelated--that he just can't get enough of: the Wiggles and guitars.

All of our kids have enjoyed singing and dancing with Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony, but Eric is the first to really notice the instruments--especially the guitars.

His obsession with guitars has now reached the point where, whenever he sees one, he thinks it is his.

This has obviously led to some uncomfortable situations at other people's houses, in stores, and at piano lessons (where Eric mistook some antique violins in a cabinet for guitars and had a fit because he couldn't "get them").

An all-time low occurred one day when Eric was really ready for a nap and saw a picture of a guitar on a music book.  He ended up screaming until he nearly passed out because he couldn't "get it" off of the paper.  

Now, I know what you are probably thinking: "Get that boy a guitar!"

But we have tried that.  Eric now has a slightly dangerous banjo from Grandma and Grandpa's house (his first "guitar"), an overpriced ukelale from a toy store,
and--our most recent purchase--a toy guitar with Elmo on the front ... that I made the mistake of putting batteries into.  You don't want to hear the rock guitar version of "Elmo's song"-- believe me!

But this is not enough for Eric.  He wants Janae's Barbie guitar (not available for borrowing), Alaina's American Girl doll guitar (very breakable!), AND he wants someone else to play the guitar WITH HIM ... often at the most inopportune moments--like when the girls are trying to read or go to sleep.
 Little brothers!!

Luckily, Eric is branching out to other new hobbies like riding his bike, listening to Curious George books, and harassing the cat.  

Maybe one day guitars will just be a PART of his life, rather than the centre.  

But for now, be prepared to hand over any guitar (or guitar-like item) whenever our little guy is around.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Irrational Fears

We all have things we're afraid of--whether it be heights, spiders, public speaking ... just to name a few.

Janae, though, was bragging the other day that she is not afraid of anything.  Snakes?  She LOVES snakes and would even like one as a pet.  Vampires?  No way--not scary at all.  Dementors?  Voldemort?  or any other scary thing from Harry Potter? Janae, apparently, is willing to embrace them.

Then we were walking out of the library, and Janae saw THIS book--which Alaina had checked out.

Janae screamed with fright and said, "Don't get that book--I am so scared of the mammoth in it!!!"


Saturday, September 5, 2015

6 on the 6th . . . on the 5th

This is Alaina's special year for birthdays, since she is turning 6 on September 6th.  Unfortunately, she shares a birthday with her great grandpa, who will be turning 100 on the 6th this year.
So . . . we celebrated Alaina's special day one day early :)
Alaina and Janae have been reading Harry Potter all summer, and are just finishing the fourth book.  They are completely obsessed--playing Harry Potter all day every day. 
So when Alaina finally decided on a Harry Potter theme for her party, I was not surprised at all--and I was absolutely thrilled, since I love the wizarding world as much as anyone!
We planned and shopped and prepared.  Yesterday the kids and I made a bunch of treats for our Honeydukes Sweets Shop: cockroach clusters, licorice wands and chocolate frogs to go with our golden snitches and every-flavour beans.
We also hung candles from the ceiling, and--thanks to Alaina's crafty cousins--sparkling stars as well. 
(By the end of the party all of the candles had fallen down--luckily it became part of the fun to avoid being bonked on the head by one, and to predict which would fall next!)
We put up some posters of a wizard who may have escaped from Azkaban,
and made an entryway that somewhat resembled platform 9 3/4.
This morning we put together a cake like the one Hagrid brought Harry for his 11th birthday (so nice to be making a cake that is SUPPOSED to look bad!). 
When it came time for candles, Alaina refused to blow out the last one, because she is happy to admit she has a boyfriend :)  In the end, Ben finally did it for her!
Alaina had a good group of cousins, aunts, and grandparents to help her celebrate (and eat all the sweets). 
Moaning Mertle even made an appearance!
Our birthday girl had told everyone she wanted a Beenie Boo kitty for her birthday, and she was fortunate enough to unwrap SEVERAL. 
Then she spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside in the sunshine.
Not a bad birthday, even if it was a day early . . . and we could not be more thankful for this little soon-too-be 6 year old!