Sunday, November 1, 2015

Murray Saves Halloween

Halloween is always so fun for our kids--they love pumpkins, they love dressing up and they love candy.  They even love things that are a little scary.

Then along came Eric....

Eric has always liked pumpkins,

but he does NOT like dressing up.


I've heard other moms talk about their kids refusing to put on Halloween costumes, but I have never really experienced it.  Even Ben--who hated trying on jackets or changing his clothes as a baby and toddler--loved to dress up as a pirate, astronaut, fire fighter, Santa, Horton . . . the list could go on and on! 

And the girls, of course, were dressing up as princesses as soon as they could stand up.


I tried putting Eric into several of our favorite costumes from years past--the frog (worn by Ben at age 2 and Alaina two years in a row!),

the pumpkin (Janae's first Halloween costume and Alaina's second),

and--since Eric is really into the Wiggles' Captain Feathersword--the pirate costume.

Unfortunately I could not even get him halfway into each before he started to . . .  not just complain or cry but . . . SCREAM.  And even I know that forcing someone into a costume is not going make for a happy Halloween.

Then I thought I'd try taking the advice a couple of people had given me and dress Eric up as Murray from the Wiggles.  He's the red Wiggle, and the one best known for playing the guitar.

So . . . a pair of black pants with red stripes and a long-sleeved red shirt later . . . we had Murray Wiggle.  Eric wore the "costume" all day, pointing to himself and saying "Murray suit" and playing his guitar like a toddler rock star. 

Of course he still wouldn't pose with the other kids for a picture, but THAT is an issue I am much more familiar with :)

When we went out to trick or treat, though, Eric wouldn't hold his guitar . . . or his treat bucket.  (He would, however, hold a . . . watering can!?!)

After a couple of houses, though, even this small problem disappeared--and Eric held out his little pumpkin for candy.  He didn't really say trick or treat (even though he'd done a great job of practicing this at home), but he was the most enthusiastic of all the kids in saying THANK YOU whenever he got a treat.  He really does love candy!

As the night went on, Eric was running up to the doors (tripping only a couple of times), and he kept going until his bucket was full of candy and chips.  Not bad for an almost-two year old!
And as for the other kids. . . .
This year we had a different "order" for who dropped out of the trick-or-treating first:

Our usual marathon trick-or-treater came home with Eric and me, while the girls completed the rounds.

I guess the cold really doesn't bother them anyway (sorry--couldn't resist!).  Although Janae was pretty upset there were so many other Elsas out there (she may be the only one allowed to be Elsa at home, but apparently the other girls in the neighborhood play by different rules).

And today, they are as tired and cranky as you might expect. 

But we will always think of it as the year Murray saved Halloween :)