Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eric's Girlfriend

Being the younger brother of Janae and Alaina, Eric occasionally finds himself among princesses,
and other girly stuff.
Fortunately our little guy doesn't appear to mind too much, at least not yet.  In fact, sometimes when Eric is cranky one of the best places to cheer him up is in front of his sisters' toy shelf--where looking at his "girls" can usually guarantee a big gummy smile.
All those big, beautiful eyes!
But recently it has come to our attention that Eric actually has a favorite girl. 
The other day when Grandma was visiting, she let me know that our little boy really liked a particular young lady who had big blue eyes, a cute smile, and a sweet baby voice.
 We know her as Baby Alive, and Eric really appears to be smitten with her.
But yesterday we realized that we'd been overlooking her most attractive feature:


Apparently, it is her bottle!  Somehow he found it and did not want to let it go.
He may try to deny it, 
but we think this could be true love :)