Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Can't Seem to Let It Go

It would not be surprising, at any given time, to hear the song "Let It Go" at our house.  People sing it, watch it on a movie, listen to it on a CD, even play it on the piano.
In fact, Janae has been learning to play "Let It Go" since about this time last year, when we bought a piano book of Frozen songs.  Janae has practiced the song with her teacher during her weekly lessons and plays it almost every time she is sitting at a piano. 
It is at the point where even Eric sits at the piano bench and starts pounding on the keys, singing "Go . . . Go."
You can't say it isn't a catchy song!
This week, though, we have been hearing "Let It Go" even more than usual with Janae's two big performances coming up.
On Saturday she played it at her teacher's piano recital.
Since Jason couldn't be there, I was EXTRA happy to see this group arrive--to give Janae some support and to help me with Eric.

Janae played her piece beautifully--the best "Let It Go" I've ever heard her play!

She also got a certificate for finishing her piano book . . .

. . . or so I was told--I was in the hallway at the time, watching Eric doing this:

After the recital I told Janae we could have lunch anywhere she wanted to go--and she chose a nearby dairy farm, where she had a pink cotton candy ice cream cone :)

But we couldn't "let it go" at that!  :)

Today Janae performed her song again at her school talent show--she played the piano while two of her friends sang and danced.  The kids in the audience were very excited to hear the song announced!

I was amazed by Janae's ability to stay with the singers, watching them and slowing down/speeding up as necessary.  She did a great job of keeping the song on track!

So, now that all the excitement has passed, I wonder if Janae will finally "let it go" . . .
Not very likely :)