Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fort Langley Fun

Last September our family got a year pass to Fort Langley--a historic site known as the birthplace of British Columbia.  We have had lots of good times visiting this peaceful, old-fashioned place, and thought it might be fun to camp there.
So . . . we booked our spot and waited for August 26 to come :)
When we got to the Fort, we were told to drive around to the back, where we received keys to the big gate!  We were able to load all of our supplies in from here--on wagons provided by the Fort.
We also got keys to our "Otentik"--which seemed to be a fancy word for kind of a fancy tent.
It had dishes, cleaning supplies, a fridge, and--our kids' favorite: a bunk bed.
Eric spent quite a bit of time climbing the ladder and jumping down--a highlight of his camping experience, for sure :)

We checked in at 3:00, so we had two hours to do all of our usual fun activities at Fort Langley, like feeding the animals (sheep, goats, bunnies, chickens),
exploring the historic buildings, and re-creating events from the history of B.C.
But after 5:00 we had the Fort pretty much to ourselves (only about 10 other people were camping there).  We used the back entrance to bring in our bikes--which the kids really loved riding around the park.
I wish I could have captured Eric's face when he saw me carrying HIS bike, too--he shouted "My bike!" and ran towards me with his arm stretched out.
 We explored the area, 

  barbecued (everything was provided except food!),

climbed on the wall to look for wildlife (we'd heard there were coyotes but didn't see or hear any),

rode bikes some more,

even up above on the wall,

and even well after dark. 

The kids played tag and hide and seek, panned for gold (our tent was right beside the gold panning station--which made Ben very happy!),
and just enjoyed being together in such a unique place.
The tent came with ear plugs to help us get through the night--with trains going through the area frequently.  This worked well for Janae, who actually used the ear plugs, but not so well for the rest of us (who didn't).
Jason slept fine, but Eric was up every half hour with the trains.  Alaina and Ben each sat up a few times, and I--of course--was up whenever anyone else was up, so I didn't really sleep.
So, we know what to do differently next time!
In the morning the kids were all out in their PJs, running through the vegetable garden,

feeding the animals, exploring, and--you guessed it--riding their bikes.

The kids even got to help raise the flag--we've never been there early enough to do that before!
 Simple times, but so much fun.  We'd all do it again . . . with ear plugs this time :)