Monday, April 13, 2015

A Few a Things We Don't Hate....


Moving into a new house has been a little hard for us, not to mention a lot of work.

We had to leave a home we loved and move into a house that is bigger, but not necessarily better in most ways.

We traded a 5-minute drive to school for a 15-minute commute, and we won't even start on how much longer it takes to get to Grandma and Grandpa's house now.

To make matters much, much worse, our kitty died after we'd only been here four days.

It has been a bit rough.

At one time or another, each of us has said, "I hate the new house."

There are, however, a few things we don't hate about the new house--so I thought I'd better document them here :)

We don't hate the bigger, warmer hot water tank--we can all have showers/baths, do the laundry AND run the dishwasher ... we never run out of hot water here!

We don't hate the park that's only a two-minute walk from our front door, 

or the big tree for climbing in the backyard.

We don't hate the library we were able to create in the hallway downstairs,

or the huge amount of space for setting up Lego, or Barbies, or crafts, or pretty much anything else we can think of.

It may be that--in time--we might be able to use words like "like" or "love" to describe how we feel about this house. 

But for now, we're just glad there are a few things we don't hate. . . .