Friday, July 24, 2009

A Harry Potter Moment

Last night we went to a birthday party for our nephew Luke, who turns one today. This morning when I was looking at my pictures on the computer, I came across this one:


Am I the only one who's thinking "Harry Potter!"? :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cousins, Cousins, and More Cousins


Benjamin and Janae have had lots of fun with their cousins over the past few weeks. With my sister Anita visiting from California, we have all been getting together a lot, swimming, playing at the park, visiting new places, etc.


Last night at dinner, Benjamin said, "What would we do without our cousins?" He has been playing pirates with Tyson, monkeys with Jillian, and chipmunks/family with Kya. Yesterday he was having a great time playing train wreck with Tyler and Trevor. He is already crying about Kya, Tyson, and Jordan going home at the end of the week (even though it hasn't happened yet!).


Janae tries to follow the big girls around; she says she wants to "dance like Manda" and "have a braid like Jordan."

I'm so glad my kids have lots of cousins, and that they know each other so well. These weeks in the summer when Anita visits always bring some of the highlights of our whole year--it is great to have everyone together . . . even though it is a little noisy and chaotic sometimes :)

Life would not be anywhere near as fun without all these cousins!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Discovering the Joy of Nail Polish

If you've met Janae, you know she loves anything shiny or sparkly. One of her greatest interests lately has become nail polish (or, as she says, "nail ponish"). Thanks to her aunties (and their Avon brochures), I've got a growing collection of colors, and Janae loves to try them out on her toes . . . and now her fingers.


She calls the colors by their names, letting me know if she wants "Spring Fling" or "Cotton Candy" (her two favorites). Occasionally she will choose "Crystal Calm" or "Bronze Patina," and her most recent experiment was "Blue Lagoon."


While I worry a little about the long-term effects of all this gussying up (i.e., are we heading for a 7-year-old who wants to wear mascara?), I have found that all this nail polishing does come with some benefits to me.


It gives me a break from playing pirates, helps me teach Janae to sit still (she sits remarkably still and even lets me blow on her nails until they are dry), and--best of all--it has finally provided me with a way to CUT Janae's razor-sharp fingernails. She has never let me use the clippers (we have had lots of tears and wrestling . . . and even after that I have not got them cut), but I've found I can sneak in a few little clips before putting on the "nail ponish"--explaining that I need to get her nails "ready."


And, of course, it is a fun thing Janae and I can do together--after all, we are the "girls" in the family. (Ben has tried to get in on the nail polish, too, but I've been able to hold him off so far :)) I always thought it would be fun to have a daughter, but I didn't realize all of this would start at such a young age.

First fancy dresses, then chapstick, now nailpolish. I wonder what will be next. . . .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Lot Changes in a Year . . . But Some Things Stay the Same

After sitting through the Canada Day parade this afternoon, I came home and uploaded the pictures I had taken. I was a little disappointed and remembered having got some much better ones last year. So I thought I’d look them up. . . .

I could not believe how much my kids had grown in one short year, especially Janae!

And I couldn’t help but be grateful that after almost a year of complaining, bargaining, and threatening, I have finally convinced my husband to cut his hair on level 1 instead of 0. He’s not quite as bald as he was this time last July :)

Oh, and I was right—I did get some much better pictures last year!

The parade, unfortunately, was just as I remembered it, too—but Ben and Janae had a great time waving their flags, shouting “Happy Canada Day,” and gathering candy.

And just like last year, Janae was pretty tired by the end of it all and fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.

We'll see how next year compares. . . .