Saturday, January 16, 2016

Turning Two

Eric is TWO!
It wasn't too hard to think of ways to celebrate this little guy who loves so many things!  We decided to focus this year on his love of all things musical, including playing instruments: drums,
guitar (and piano),

and trombone,
as well as singing and dancing with the Wiggles.  We told him it was going to be a Wiggly Party, and he was very excited to help set up all the balloons.

He was also more than happy to carry the guitar-shaped cake pan in from the car . . . so much so that I wondered how I'd be able to pry it away from him to actually bake a cake in it (luckily we still have nap time!).

I'd planned to make the cake all chocolate, so the guitar would be brown, but when my icing idea failed (and became a filling), we ended up with a blue guitar--which was much more Wiggly anyway, I guess.
In fact, Jason and I might have got a little too carried away with the Wiggles theme . . . but it was fun :)
We ate hot potatoes (spicy chips), cold spaghetti (pasta salad), mashed banana (muffins), and--of course--fruit salad . . . yummy yummy (you've just got to say it, right?!).  We drank rosy tea punch out of green cups with yellow spots and decorated everything else in red, yellow, blue and purple.

AND our idea to drop the balloons--just like on the Wiggles--actually worked pretty well!

What a great way to turn two :)