Friday, February 26, 2010

The LOST Posts


Ever since Anita introduced us to the TV series LOST (she sent us the first season on DVD for Christmas), Jason and I have spent our few moments each night without children watching it. As soon as Ben and Janae are in bed, we run downstairs and hit PLAY on the DVD player (Jason gets it all set up ahead of time).

We finished the first season in about three weeks--then for Valentine's Day I "surprised" Jason with season 2, while he just "happened" to have bought me season 3 (so unromantic, I know). Luckily we both have spring birthdays (don't tell Jason, but season 4 is already in the mail--it will definitely be here in time for his big day, if not before, depending on when we finish season 3). As you must have guessed by now, we are slightly OBSESSED. (But at least we are obsessed together!)

This means, of course, that all of the other things we usually try to accomplish in those late-night hours are being left undone. The housework has suffered. Alaina has noticed a decrease in the quality of her one-on-one time. The novels piled up on our bed-side tables are collecting dust. Even the blog is getting neglected.

So, the posts on Benjamin winning two gold medals for reading,


Janae being expelled from ballet class (and joining up with a band of pirates),


and Alaina getting her first taste of rice cereal


. . . are just going to have to wait. The kids are on their way upstairs, so you know what that means!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look Who's Sitting Up!

Benjamin and Janae were both able to sit on their own at exactly 5 months, but as February 6 approached I didn't think there was any way Alaina would do the same. I was a little relieved, though, and thought, "Maybe she'll stay a baby a bit longer than the others."

Then at 5 months, 2 days, Alaina decided to show us what she could do . . . and yesterday she sat up long enough for me to go get the camera and take some pictures.




So, I guess she's not that much of a late bloomer, after all :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Juice That Makes Hearts Sing

On Saturday I went grocery shopping with Jason and the kids. On the way out I realized we'd forgotten something, so I ran back in with Benjamin. As we attempted to make a quick dash through the store, we came across a woman offering samples of a fruit and vegetable cocktail (a generic version of V8 Splash). Benjamin showed interest in tasting the juice, and since it is almost impossible to get any sort of fruit OR vegetable into my children, I encouraged him to try it.


Benjamin started with the orange/tangerine, then moved on to the strawberry/banana, and finally the pomegranate. I was quickly trying to calculate how many servings of fruit/vegetables this was all adding up to when Benjamin asked if we could buy some of the juice to take home and share with Janae.

He decided orange/tangerine was his favorite, so we bought it, then hurried to the van.

On the way home, Benjamin told Janae all about the juice he had sampled. He told her, "It was so good, it made my heart sing!" then added, "Do you want to try some, Janae? Your heart will sing, too!"

When we got home, I put away the groceries, not thinking much about the juice (I was sure Benjamin wouldn't drink it again once we were home). An hour or so later, though, Ben asked if he could have some more of the juice that made his "heart sing."


I poured him a glass, and once again, he loved it. When I gave some to Janae, she said, "My heart is singing!!"


Reading the ingredients, I found that this wonder juice actually contains not only orange, tangerine and the obvious--carrot--juice, but also cucumber juice, and--you won't believe this--sweet potato puree.

That's pretty healthy juice--no wonder their hearts were singing!

(Just don't tell them what's in it.)

$3.50 at Superstore

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dressing Up Babies

When I was pregnant with Benjamin, Jason and I attended a prenatal class where we learned all about childbirth and parenting (well, as much as we could learn in one day, anyway).

I remember one of the expectant mothers was a young teenager, and she was asking questions like "How soon after giving birth can I drink alcohol?" I wasn't too impressed.

Anyway, at one point in the class, the teacher had each of us tell what we were most looking forward to about our babies. I remember the teenage mother saying she was most excited about dressing up her baby in different outfits.

Needless to say, I didn't think much of that answer.

But now that a few years have gone by, and I am much less idealistic, intellectual, and judgemental, I have to admit that I do quite like dressing up my babies :)

With Benjamin, I couldn't wait to put him in the first button-up shirt I bought for him.


Janae had all sorts of dresses that I was dying to put on her--I think I posed her for pictures every Sunday before church because I thought she looked so cute.


Alaina has had a few new dresses of her own, too, that I've tried on and tried on, hoping she would fit into them. One that Auntie Anita sent (complete with a stuffed bunny in the pocket!)


and another very Victorian one that my mom bought before she was born (a real "Beatrix Potter"!).


I still wouldn't say that dressing up my babies is what I most look forward to, but it is definitely a lot more fun than treating cradle cap, cleaning up after "accidents," or breaking up fights.

One of those unexpected joys of motherhood, I guess :)