Sunday, November 27, 2016

Their First Real Tree

A few months ago, I started thinking about Christmas.  This is typical of moms, I think, but this year my thinking centered around our Christmas tree.  We have a large artificial tree that my mom and dad found for us when Ben was a baby, and we always look forward to putting it up . . . as early in the season as we can get away with.
But I was thinking, specifically, about when I was younger, living at home, and how we often had a real tree.  My dad would cut the top off of a tree, or find a tree that we weren't crazy about and insist it was perfect.  But one of my favorite Christmas memories is of a year that we went with our dad to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree.
I remember running from tree to tree with my sisters, saying things like, "Come and see this one!"  or "This is the one!" or "How about this one?"  It sounds kind of repetitive, but it was so fun!
So, I mentioned to Jason that we need to do this with our kids THIS YEAR.  I really wanted them to have this experience--I knew they would love it.
I researched "how early is not too early to get a real tree?" and found that any time from mid-November on is fair game.
Since this weekend is considered the beginning of the Christmas season, I (I mean "we") made a plan to go and get our tree after the various activities that had to be attended and completed in the morning.
The only problem was, it was POURING with rain.  It just kept coming down without a break, and Jason (who thought we had too much to do to go get a tree anyway) started pushing for waiting another week.
I didn't give up, though.  Jason had told me about a tree farm that was close by, so I looked it up . . . and found another one that had an incredible deal: any size and type of tree for only $35.  Since we'd heard that live trees are often more than twice that amount, I started thinking we should go right away--before all the good ones were gone :)
So, at about 3:30, we headed out to start our adventure--and nobody was disappointed.
The farm was not too far away, the trees were beautiful, and we all ran from place to place shouting things like, "Come and see this one!"

The rain still poured down, but it didn't bother us at all.
(Although Jason might have preferred drier ground to lie down on, he didn't complain.)
Once the tree was cut, Alaina counted the rings to see how old it was, and it happened to be seven--the same age she is.
We picked what we all agreed was the perfect tree for our house.
And everyone helped pull it to Jason's truck.
We had to let it sit on the porch for an hour or so to dry off--I have never seen a wetter tree--and then even after we got it in, we had to hold off on putting the lights and decorations on because it was still so wet.
But after church today we got started!
There is something so special about having a real tree that we picked out together,
in the rain,
the first weekend of Christmas . . .
Hopefully it will last until New Year's!