Sunday, June 20, 2010

Definitely Daddy's Girl

This morning I was reading a nice little story with Benjamin and Janae called "Mom Says I Can." It talks about a boy who pretends to be a pirate, cowboy, spaceman, super hero, etc. as he searches for the "world's greatest treasure." His mom encourages him along the way, telling him he is so brave, strong, cool, etc. In the end he realizes that the great treasure is something that was with him all along--his mom. You can see why I would pick such a story to read to my children.

Anyway, after we were finished, Janae said, "I want to look for the world's greatest treasure." Then she said, "But I'm going to look for a real treasure, like a pirate treasure or gold or jewels." She paused for a minute then explained, "My mother died."

It's a good thing today is Father's Day and not Mother's Day :)


When I asked Janae what her favorite thing about Daddy was, she said, "I love it when he plays princesses with me" (something I don't think I've ever seen him do), and then, "I love it when he cuddles me up" (something I've seen him do many, many times!).


Janae definitely is a Daddy's girl. Every morning she goes into hysterics when Jason leaves for work, claiming she needs another "hug and kiss," no matter how many she has had already.


Janae prefers Daddy to put her to bed; she loves wrestling with him (she calls it "exercises"), helping him outside, watching The Muppet Show with him, playing Pocohontas (Janae always says Daddy "looks like John Smith a little bit"). They have lots of fun together!


Benjamin and Alaina love their Daddy, too, and he really is a great dad--but starting first thing tomorrow I think I better get back to work on trying to increase my popularity with Janae :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laina Loves Peek a Boo!

I've never known a baby who loves to play peek a boo as much as Alaina does!


Every time I give her a blanket, the first thing she does is put it over her head, then pull it down and give a big toothy smile.


When I'm folding laundry she uses towels, when she's in the living room she uses the curtains--she has played peek a boo with Benjamin's Darth Vadar mask, Janae's teddy bear, her undershirt, her bib--if it can cover her face, she will try to play peek a boo from under it!


It's fun to watch her go from one thing to another as she crawls around a room.


Such a cute little peek-a-boo baby :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not One of Those Moms!

I think it's safe to say that most girls imagine the type of mother they will be long before they grow up and have children of their own. I was no different; in fact, since I got married later in life I had a longer time than most to ponder on this topic. By the time Benjamin was born, I had a pretty clear idea of the type of mom I wanted to be.

So how is it that I have become one of those scatter-brained moms who calls all the children by the wrong names, leaves the keys in the front door all afternoon, and overdraws the bank account?? (All hypothetical situations, of course.)

It just seemed to happen.

Instead of wearing perfectly coordinated outfits, my little ones are running around outside in Darth Vadar costumes, tutus and gum boots.


Instead of well-balanced, nutritious snacks, my baby is allowed to snack on plastic toys that are clearly not for children under age three.


Instead of polite, mild-mannered children, I have raised two pirates,


and today I've actually hit an all-time low, leaving the housework to little Alaina while I update my blog (she does look like a house elf, though, don't you think?).


So, I guess it's a good thing I did marry a little late--what would I be like with six or seven little ones to keep track of?

Yes, everything happens for a reason. . . .

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Benjamin is Six!

Remember this little guy?


He turned six today!


We celebrated with--you guessed it--lots of Star Wars stuff.


Benjamin was so excited for his birthday that he had trouble sleeping last night. When he woke up this morning, we overheard him whisper, "I'm six" to himself before he got out of bed. So cute!

When I asked Janae if she was going to say happy birthday to Ben, she put her arms around him and said, "Happy birthday Benjaminny!"

I think he had a good day :)