Monday, May 14, 2012

Got Your Bucket?

Lately I have noticed that Janae is very sensitive to other people's problems, or even potential problems--especially if these difficulties involve any kind of mess to clean up.

For example, before we leave the house, Janae always wants to be sure that Alaina has used the potty, and that I have a change of clothes in case our little two-year-old has an accident.

Janae is also always quick to run and get a bandaid, or an ice pack, if anyone gets hurt.

A few months ago we all had the stomach flu--and one precaution we took was to have a bowl or bucket close to anyone who was sick.

Janae, though, has taken this to heart, and now whenever anyone has the slightest tummy discomfort she runs and gets them a bucket.

This was true a few weeks ago when I had some butterflies in my stomach before giving a talk at church--Janae insisted that I take a bucket into the car, just in case.

It was also true when Alaina had a cough--Janae was worried her little sister would be sick, and ensured that Alaina had a bucket beside her bed.

In fact, when I decided to write this post, I went into the bedrooms just to check, and--sure enough--Janae and Alaina both had buckets beside their beds, even though nobody has been sick for quite some time.

Anyway, I mention this because it seems that Alaina has picked up on Janae's concern and has learned the value of having buckets close by.

The other day our cat Frisco, who is very long-haired, left us a little gift on the carpet. Alaina spotted it, and went to get Frisco . . . a BUCKET :)

Frisco ran away and hid under a bed, but Alaina continued to pursue him with the bucket.

Finally she just left it beside the bed.

I guess all these precautions can only help to prevent some difficult clean-up situations . . .

but I wonder if one CAN, perhaps, be TOO careful. . . .