Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Halloween Awards

This Halloween we had the perfect night for trick or treating.  Even though it had POURED with rain all day,
the weather cleared up at about 3:00, and by the time we went out, it was warm and dry enough for us to be comfortable--but still foggy enough to be a little spooky.
Our neighborhood was also great--lots of houses with lights on and porches decorated, friendly people, and families out trick-or-treating.  We didn't see any blood and gore or smashed pumpkins--and people who left bowls of candy unattended outside reported that trick-or-treaters were respectful, taking only the two or three treats that they were instructed to take.
But it wasn't just the weather, or the neighborhood, that cooperated--our kids each added his or her own personality to our Halloween, making it a fun night for everyone.
In fact, if I could give out "Halloween Awards," I would name
Janae and Ben the most creative pumpkin carvers this year.
Janae took what she felt was a disastrous "BOO" and made it into a cute kitty,
and Ben turned his pumpkin around this year to make an elephant . . . or a Heffalump :)
Ben would also need an award for "best sportsmanship," since he talked Janae into going trick-or-treating.  Janae was tired from school and stressed about Halloween, but her big brother gave her the extra support she needed to get to the first door . . . and after that she was as enthusiastic as anyone.
Eric would need an award for the "chattiest trick-or-treater," since he had a conversation with everyone in the neighborhood during the hour he was out.
He complimented people on their porch decorations, talked to them about his candy and costume, their candy and costumes, and even told some other kids, "I'll see you at the finish line!"
Earlier in the day, he'd also had the pumpkins talking to each other.  When he put his jack-o-lantern on the porch beside Alaina's uncarved pumpkin, he told me Alaina's had said, "You have a great smile!" to his.
Eric was also the most curious,
and the least "greedy"--at the last house he went to, he said, "Thank you.  But I don't need anymore candy now." 
He came home with me and lined up all his candies--then watched Pooh's Heffalump Halloween.
When the rest of the kids got home another hour later, they also examined their goodies--making trades and eating more than the suggested "two,"
but Alaina definitely gets the award for the "best sorting and organization."
She spent a good half hour lining up her candies and then placing them neatly back into her Little Red Riding Hood basket.
 She won't have any trouble finding her favorites in the morning!
Alaina was also our most easy-going Halloween participant, accepting Eric's second pumpkin as her own when the big round one she picked out a couple of weeks ago ended up being too soft to carve. 
And Janae needs one more award for the most costume changes--after school she switched her Athena dress and cape for a poodle skirt.  She also helped Peaches change into a pumpkin suit . . . but that didn't last long.
These kids definitely made it a Happy Halloween for each other, and for their parents, too! 
Now, hopefully tomorrow morning will go just as well when they all have to get up for school. . . .

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Some People Just Belong in a Pumpkin Patch

We are lucky to have a pumpkin patch in our town that has apples, pumpkins and animals, has free admission, AND is on the way home from the girls' school. 
Our kids have visited the farm countless times over the years, and all of them feel pretty at home there.
BUT one of our children just looks like he BELONGS in the pumpkin patch--a little more than the others.
I'm not sure if it's the orange jacket,
his orange hair,
his fascination with tractors,
his happiness around animals,
his love of pumpkins (he always wants to hug and kiss ours goodbye before we go anywhere),
or just the fact that he's home with me all day and can go to the pumpkin patch while the other kids are at school,
but this boy just sort of blends in :)
I guess some people just belong in a pumpkin patch!