Saturday, March 4, 2017

Every Five Years?

Five years ago I was still in my 30s.  I had only three children--only one of whom was in school--and we lived down the road from my mom and dad. 
And five years ago Janae had her last "friends" birthday party. 
It had a Tinker-Bell theme, and I worked for many, many hours creating fairyland decorations and props.  Janae had lots of fun running around and playing with the girls she invited, but after the party she cried and cried, telling me how much she "hated" her party.

We all know Janae can be a little intense, but still--it was such a memorable experience for me that I have kind of encouraged Janae to stick to family parties.  Since we have lots of extended family around, this has still allowed for our little girl to celebrate her birthday with lots of people.  Some years she has opted for a bigger present instead of a party, or we've gone somewhere special, or Janae herself has said she didn't want to invite anyone from school or church, so it's never really seemed like anything was missing.
This year, though, Janae decided to have a small party with her two best friends.  I was a little nervous, but knew that after all these years, I had to say yes.
So . . . we talked about a theme (cats!), and Janae started decorating.
And this morning we painted,
and blow-dried,
and painted some more until the girls ended up with some sheep, a fox, and a bunny that they were pretty proud of. 

Then we came home for lunch--the girls continued to be creative, taking turns playing the violin and piano while the others danced, dressing up, playing Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings, and eating way too much pizza. 

Finally, the girls made their own ice cream sundaes and sang happy birthday.
I have to admit, I hardly had to do anything (except maybe spray and wash a few chocolate stains from the table cloth!). 
Janae is still happy and feels that it was a good experience.
So, overall, not too bad.
I guess five years can make a big difference....
And tomorrow she will really be 10!


Anita said...

Every 5 years sounds like a good idea for a friends party!! Glad it went so well...looks super cute. Next party at 15?!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Images. Excellent Article...