Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just One Candle


Yesterday I got to go to the Remembrance Day assembly at Benjamin's school. I wasn't expecting to cry like a baby through the entire program, but that's kind of what happened :)

I thought I would post the words to the song Ben's class sang . . . so you can cry too! (I'm sure it won't be the same--hearing the children sing, with their voices creaking on the higher notes, and hearing Ben say "window pave" instead of "window pane" definitely added to the effect.)

Just One Candle

Just one candle shining in a window pane
Give a light for all to see--a shining flame
Shining through the darkness it helps to show the way
Light your candle for peace today.

Shine your light for peace
Shine it all around the world
Sing for everyone; let your voice be heard
Shine your light for peace
Shine it everywhere
Show the people in the world you care.


It was so sweet--Ben came home and made his own poppy wreath, just like the one his class made to put on one of the crosses in the gym.

He also told me that during the assembly, he was thinking about my two grandpas who were in the war.

Benjamin definitely helped Remembrance Day mean something more to me this year!


Anita said...

I hate how we don't have poppies here in the USA:( We also don't have assemblies for Rememberance Day (Vetarans Day)!! I do get teary-eyed at just about every school concert though:)