Monday, June 5, 2017

Year-End Recitals

Our year of piano and violin lessons ended with some beautiful music
 at our kids' concerts these past two weeks.
Ben's concert was first--he played "March of the Ents" from Lord of the Rings--a very dramatic piece. 
A couple of days before the concert, Ben had his last piano lesson with his teacher, who is retiring after many years of teaching.
She was planning to have a group class that evening, but Ben wouldn't be able to attend because he had an art class at the same time--so his teacher told him to just come for his regular lesson.
We didn't know Ben's teacher was planning to have a party with the group class . . . but not wanting to leave Ben out of the fun, she had a party separately with just Ben.  They ate chips and Rice Krispie treats, then had a water balloon fight outside--just the two of them.  I still laugh whenever I picture it!
Then last weekend the girls had their concert.  Alaina played "Chimes,"

and Janae played "Mouse in a Coal Bin" (both the same pieces they'd performed at the spring festival).

Janae was able to jazz up her teacher's otherwise all-piano recital this year by bringing in a friend from school and playing a duet--Janae on the piano accompanying Katie on the violin as they played "Go Tell Aunt Rhody."  They'd also performed this piece together at their school talent show in May.
After the piano, Janae had her violin recital.  She played "Long, Long Ago," accompanied by her teacher. 
Shortly after this, Eric made it clear he couldn't handle any more audience time--he ran up to the front of the small room, popping the air from his cheeks very loudly as another girl was performing.
Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon killing time in the hallway.  That was a long concert!
But he still got his chocolate ice cream afterwards. . . . 
Yesterday, Janae performed "Yellow Submarine" with her violin class at the music school's "Tribute to the Beatles" year-end concert.
I love all the music--in our home all year long, as well as at these final performances, and am so proud of my developing musicians.
I will keep working with my developing audience member :)


Anita said...

Poor Eric! It's hard for some grown ups to sit through those concerts, let a lone a 3 year old! I would have loved to have been there though. Maybe one of these times we actually can come up and see them. I am amazed at how good they are all getting.