Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finding Timmy

One day last summer, we went for a walk through some woods in Harrison.  Among the other memorable events of that day, Eric found a snail that he named Timmy.
Unfortunately, it was clear to everyone but Eric that Timmy had--long before--passed away.
Not wanting to hurt our little guy's feelings, we didn't say a word about this.
Somehow Timmy got "lost," though, when we got home, and Eric felt really sad not to have him around.
Not long afterwards, we were picking blueberries in Grandma and Grandpa K's backyard (far from Harrison), and we saw another snail.
"TIMMY!!" Eric shouted.  And we just left it at that.
I encouraged Eric to let Timmy stay near the blueberry bushes, where he was happy--and Eric was more than willing to accommodate his little pet.
Since then, Eric has found Timmy in the most unexpected places--he's been at the park, the school, the church, various gardens . . . he's just everywhere, especially when it rains! 
During the winter, Eric often asked about Timmy, and I told him we'd see his pet snail again in the spring.
Sure enough, outside the library today, Eric found Timmy.
We had a disposable container in the car, so Timmy rode home with us--
but once again, Eric was happy to let him go free outside. 
He knows he'll turn up again.
Eric held up a little leaf umbrella to protect Timmy from the pouring rain.
And from a mom's point of view (a mom whose older kids had kept pet snails in containers on the porch or deck), I have to say this really is the ONLY way to keep pet snails. . . .


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