Monday, January 9, 2017

My Little Three-Year-Old

Three years ago, our little red-haired baby Eric was born.  Last night we watched our home videos of when he was a newborn, and then an older baby and toddler. 
And today we celebrated!

For months Eric has been asking for a fish . . . and I told him he could have one when he turned 3. 
He got the idea from a Franklin book, where Franklin the turtle begs and begs for a pet.  Finally, his parents think he is ready to have one and tell him he can get a puppy.  Franklin, though, has a different pet in mind.  He chooses to get a fish, because he likes the calm, peaceful feeling he gets when he watches a fish swim around in its bowl.
Eric told me he wanted a fish for the same reason :) 
We decided a Betta fish would be our best option--and last week took Eric to get a small aquarium.  Janae and Alaina got him the decorations inside as their birthday gifts.
And today we got Eric a fish!
He'd already chosen its name (Nemo) before we even went to the pet store.
And Eric does seem pretty happy to watch him swim around and around.
Eric wanted to have a Paw Patrol theme for his party, so we picked a cake that seemed pretty easy to make.  It was actually completely foolproof, and turned out very much like the picture I was copying!


Eric also loves pizza--and would eat it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he could--so we made mini pizzas.  Those little crusts took a bit longer than we thought they would to make, but they were great for the party.
And no birthday would be complete without a few cousins to join in the fun :)  Eric was SO happy to have Auntie Tina and her family come over (with a few more Paw Patrol toys!),
as well as Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandpa also brought Eric something he'd been asking for--a big fire truck to play with.
By 7:00 or so, Eric was falling asleep beside Grandma on the couch, but when I changed him into his PJ's he got a second wind and asked if he could play with his fire truck a bit longer :) 
Now he is asleep, and I have a few minutes to think about what a blessing it has been to have this little boy.  He has brought so much happiness to our family, and I really am grateful for every moment I have with him.  I am so glad we could celebrate him today!


Anita said...

Made me cry. I am so happy Eric is part of your family. I just love watching him and Summer grow and learn together. I so wish we could have come up to celebrate his birthday with you all...looks like it was the perfect party for the big three year old!

grandmakurki said...

We loved the party, the food and that special "Paw Patrol" cake, but most of all we enjoyed being there for Eric's third birthday.